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A Present of an Orange

Seymour Cresswell

A Present of an Orange is a collection of twenty-four distinctive and entertaining new stories from Seymour Cresswell. Drawing on his own experiences, Cresswell covers everything from his love/hate relationship with the legal profession and the vicissitudes of parenthood to his lifelong passion for drama and his love of sailing. Each story is delicately woven to reveal a unique perspective on an eventful life and the colourful characters who have populated it. Peppered with wry humour and often poignant or thought-provoking, these stories explore life’s quirks and twists, its highs and lows, and show us that our experiences can be at once both personal and universal. A Present of an Orange will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Author bio

Seymour Cresswell was born in 1950 in Dalkey, County Dublin. He studied law at Trinity College Dublin and was a solicitor for many years. Today he divides his time between his garden, his boat, amateur drama, painting and writing. He is an award winning amateur actor and director and has written eight pantomimes and a morality play. This is his first collection of stories. He has three adult children and lives in County Wicklow with his wife, Clare.

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