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Alannah, Lorcan and the Wolf

James Fallon

Only the strength of their friendship and the gifts they possess can save them.

Alannah’s world is torn apart after her mother dies in a tragic car accident. Since then, she has struggled to fit in with her classmates at school.

Just days before her twelfth birthday, Alannah’s dad brings home a lamb called Lorcan, whose mother was killed by an escaped wolf. Alannah and Lorcan quickly become inseparable, and she soon rediscovers she has a special gift.

But the wolf still haunds the fields and forests of Mount Eden, determained to destroy Alannah and her best friend. Along with a border collie put called Prince and a very talkative rabbit called Finn, Alannah and Lorcan must go on a quest that will change the lives of every living creature for miles around. If they fail, evil will triumph. But whatever happens, Mount Eden will never be the same again.

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