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Balanced Body and Mind: A Complex Equation

C.J. Byrne

Balanced Body and Mind: A Complex Equation takes a holistic approach to weight loss, but it is much more than a diet book. It gives you the tools you need to explore the areas of your life that you struggle with and that are impacting your happiness and wellbeing. In easily digestible sections, and in a personable yet authoritative style, C. J. Byrne shares her knowledge and experience of disciplines such as life coaching, personal training, nutrition and health and fitness.

C. J. challenges us to take responsibility for our health and happiness. Having gone on the same journey to wellness herself, she understands how we can occasionally become derailed as we work towards a better life. She also details some of the reasons behind the rise of obesity, examines its consequences, and sets out a path to sustainable weight loss.

This comprehensive and holistic approach to wellbeing combines both the practical and emotional aspects of health and happiness, covering topics such as:

  • values
  • stress
  • sleep
  • exercise
  • attitude
  • nutrition
  • behavioural change

It’s all about questioning yourself and changing the areas of your life that will help you achieve your goals, and Balanced Body and Mind: A Complex Equation gives you the roadmap that will lead you to success.

Author bio

C.J. BYRNE has always had a strong interest in fitness and wellbeing, playing several sports and regularly training at the gym and on the field. After studying physical and personal training, as well as life coaching, she led fitness classes and delivered health and wellbeing workshops to second-level students. In Balanced Body and Mind: A Complex Equation, she has brought together the various strands of her education and experience to help others achieve greater health and happiness.

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