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Beating What’s Eating Me

Barbara Love

Born in 1965, Barbara Love was adopted as a baby and grew up in Churchtown, Dublin, with her parents and adopted sister, Helen. Barbara lost both her parents in her twenties and attempted suicide in 1992, leaving her with limited use of her hands. Intelligent, determined and fiercly independent, she pursued a successful career in retail and kept a diary all her life.

In her early teens Barbara became self-conscious about her weight and began to restrict her eating. A lifelong battle with anorexia and bulimia followed. In 2015 she admitted to herself that she had an eating disorder and sought professional help.

Beating What’s Eating Me was written with the intention of helping other people with anorexia, and it gives a fascinating insight into Barbara’s lived experience as she travelled the road to recovery. It is essential reading for people suffering with anorexia, their families and friends, and also for mental health professionals who are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of people who are living with an eating disorder.

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