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Biomedical Controversies in Catholic Ireland

Don O’Leary

Ireland’s recent religious and social history have been turbulent. The repeal of the Eighth Amendment was a watershed moment, particularly as it relates to Irish Catholicism. But abortion is not a settled debate and will continue to generate controversy. Likewise, issues such as assisted human reproduction, stem cell research and assisted suicide will give rise to sharp differences of opinion. Legislation that seeks to address bioethical issues such as these will inevitably provoke demands for amendments or repeal.

Biomedical Controversies in Catholic Ireland provides a context for debates in this arena through a comprehensive historical study of contentious issues in Catholic Ireland. By examining developments in biomedical science and Irish law and interrogating some central aspects of Catholic moral teaching, Don O’Leary builds a thorough analysis of the controversies surrounding areas such as:

  • contraception
  • abortion
  • IVF
  • surrogacy
  • human embryonic stem cell research
  • assisted suicide
  • church control of healthcare services

Biomedical Controversies in Catholic Ireland is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the historical background, ethical arguments and scientific advances that will inform debates about morality and social policy in the coming years.





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