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Bombella and the Bottled Frog Adventure

Eoin Healy

Bombella, a very brainy bumblebee, kept a close on eye on all her friends who lived around Willow Pond. One of her pals was Fergus, a fabulous, fearless and funny frog who was a popular guy with all the little animals who lived there. Fergus knew how to enjoy life. Relaxing in his own private spa pool was a great way to spend a summer’s afternoon, especially when the pepper beetles and water snails came to give him a massage and a full medical check-up.


But danger lurked everywhere – fierce fish in the pond and hungry herons always on the hunt for a fillet or two of fresh frog. Could Fergus call for help if he got into trouble? Would Bombella come to his aid? Or maybe Imogen, the little girl who lived in the house over the high wall? Well, as bad luck would have it, Fergus did manage to get into a spot of bother. Bombella would have her work cut out to save Fergus this time.

Author bio

Eoin Healy is a retired academic. He strongly believes that an early introduction of children to the natural world can have far-reaching positve influences on their outlook and developing personalities.

Siobhán Cleare’s main artistic output has been in the area of dog portraiture. This is her first set of illustrations to accompany a children’s novel.

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