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Carried on Spirit Wings

Ann Maria Dunne

This is a terrific book. A book that will be read and passed around. It will be a blessing of a book for many who are at a crossroads, It describes such a personal journey and goes right to the heart of what it means to be human. It does all this without artifice of any kind. I bless you for your bravery. From the bottom of my heart

– Peter sheridan

playwright, screenwriter and director.

Ann Maria Dunne is no stranger to challenges. After witnessing her father’s sudden death when she was two years old, she grew up in the shadow of her mother’s psychiatric illness, finding solace in her faith and beginning a lifelong search for a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Following the tragic death of her mother, Ann Maria married Andrew, the love of her life. Her new-found happiness was shattered when she was widowed in her late twenties. Struggling to come to terms with this devastating loss, Ann Maria embarked on an extraordinary spiritual journey.

Ann Maria trained as a psychotherapist and established Chrysalis, Ireland’s first holistic retreat centre, in 1989. As a trailblazer and pioneer, she introduced exciting and innovative therapies never before practised in Ireland. The combination of Eastern and Western philosophies created a unique environment that supported healing, growth and discovery.

A truly indomitable spirit, she regained her zeal for life while under fire from a military dictatorship in the Phillipines. She travelled to India seeking wisdom from gurus, and experienced the sacred healing of shamans in South America. Even in the face of a terminal cancer diagnosis, Ann Maria continues to seek transformation, healing and enlightenment. Carried on Spirit Wings is an inspirational tale of overcoming tragedy, living and loving. Most of all, it is a remarkable story of hope.

Author bio

ANN MARIA DUNNE was born in the United States, to Irish parents, and grew up in Dublin. After the untimely death of her husband, Andrew Dunne, Ann Maria began a search for meaning in her life. She founded Ireland’s first holistic retreat centre, Chrysalis, in County Wicklow.

Ann Maria has a law degree, trained in spiritual direction, psychotherapy, group dynamics, neuro-linguistic programming, cosmic energy healing, and acting, and she is a qualified mindfulness teacher.

Ann Maria was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, which recurred in 2016. She continues to live a full and active life in Donard, County Wicklow, Ireland.

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