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Customer Experience Management Field Manual

Jeff Sheehan


This field manual is a CX leader’s practical guide for starting a new or improving an existing customer experience management program. Whether you are brand new to a customer experience management role, or a veteran, this book offers you valuable frameworks, ideas, and examples for building your CX program that improves operational efficiency and customer intimacy.

Many CX programs suffer the pitfalls of unclear objectives, piecemeal implementation, and resistance to change, causing them to fail to deliver business value.

This book is your desktop reference guide offering a well-researched and endorsed holistic approach to customer experience management using eight core CX functions with chapters detailing how to implement each. Notably, CX leaders can adapt the concepts in this book to any size or type of organization wishing to create or refine its customer experience management program.

Customer experience management is so much more than surveys and scores.

This is the book that helps CX leaders who have the guts to conquer challenges and figure out how to establish their new CX program by;

  • Treating customer experience management as an outcomes-focused business operation
  • Defining, Deciding, and Designing your CX program’s mission
  • Applying CX Leadership, Responsibility, Authority, and Influence
  • Understanding the impact of organizational culture on your CX program
  • Assessing your organization’s capacity, readiness, and maturity for a CX program
  • Learning core skills for customer understanding and taking action on insights
  • Establishing standard operating procedures with Journey Mapping Operations
  • Developing a CX Strategic Plan to drive business outcomes
  • Doing the seven jobs of CX Governance
  • Making CX projects succeed by managing organizational change
  • Offering CX project ideas to jump-start your new program
  • Providing resources for your CX program and your career in CX

Be the hero of your organization by leading its top-performing customer experience (CX) program that achieves victory by –

★ Selling more

★ Reducing operational costs

★ Delivering on brand promises

★ Harnessing all of the firepower of your customer feedback data

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Author bio

Jeff Sheehan is a customer experience practitioner, CX author, and active member of the global CX community. He has energetically served customers for more than 25 years with experience leading customer strategy, customer support operations, service sales, service program & project leadership, and digital transformation management consulting & advisory work. Jeff is passionate about driving greater customer intimacy, improving operational efficiency, and driving growth using pragmatic solutions built on the pillars of strategy, people, process, and technology (NOT jargon, buzzwords, or BS).

Jeff accrued his CX bona fides working for national and international organizations, including NCR Corporation, Digex, MICROS Systems, Inc., RSM, LLP, Computer Sciences Corporation, Apple, and KBC Bank Ireland, and a wide array of enterprise and middle-market customers across the financial services, retail, consumer goods, and technology sectors.

Recognized as a Top 50 Global Thought Leader & Influencer on Customer Experience and in Business Strategy by Thinkers360, Jeff is also a founding member and Ireland’s Ambassador to the European CX Organization (, and a judge in the 2021 European Customer Centricity Awards.

Jeff’s first career was a decade of military service with the US Army as an officer and helicopter pilot. An avid traveler who has lived in 7 US states and 6 countries, Jeff enjoys fishing, cycling, music, cooking, and family…and fireworks! Jeff is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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