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Customer Experience Management Field Manual

Jeff Sheehan

Become a great CX leader by building your top-performing customer experience management program to add measurable value and agility to the business.

CX is way more than surveys and scores.

CX leaders with the inspiration and courage to be change agents can utilize Customer Experience Management to help the business differentiate and innovate in its mission to serve customers.

Much advice from CX experts is geared toward organizations with a mature customer experience management program. This field manual offers CX leaders a proven blueprint for defining, deciding, and designing a customer experience management program tailored to your organization.

This book bridges the concepts of customer experience management and the practical reality of the jobs to be done by using the holistic Eight Core Functions of a CX Program:

  1. CX Leadership
  2. CX Culture
  3. CX Audit
  4. Customer Understanding
  5. Journey Mapping Operations
  6. CX Strategic Plan
  7. CX Governance
  8. CX Change Management


Build an agile CX program that delivers business value with relentless continuous improvement using clear objectives, overcomes challenging organizational silos and resistance to change, and includes Employee Experience (EX) with the Voice of the Customer and operational data.

Learn How To

★ Improve your CX Leadership, influence, and impact with cross-functional stakeholders using a new mindset to meet your responsibilities without formal authority.

★ Increase revenue and profitability by prioritizing the mutual benefits of doing more of what your customers value and less of what irritates them.

★ Influence and inspire your business stakeholders using data storytelling that invokes action rather than dashboards and reports that beg the question – “so what?”

★ Fix things by building your business case for making the customer-centered change in the business operation with a return on investment (ROI).

★ Drive your destiny by developing a Strategic Plan for specific action rather than a deck of vague, broad, and ill-defined strategy slides.

★ Get better at adding value by evolving your CX program’s skills, capacity, and accomplishments to drive customer success using a maturity roadmap.

★ Harness the power of your data from your customers, employees, and operations to listen, learn, and act on opportunities to compete, innovate, and grow.

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