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Charles Hayes

Emma and Liam are trapped in Dangerland, a mysterious world of adventure, magic and extreme risk.

The only place of possible escape from Dangerland is on the remote Cliffs of Dire. To get there, the children must travel through the Deep Dark Forest, cross the Parched Lands and climb the Mountains of Dredd – a journey so treacherous and difficult that nobody has ever completed it.

The children are joined on their journey by an unlikely friend. But they are followed by evil enemies and become trapped by dangerous bullies. They also meet several real fairy-tale characters and find that some of these are not at all as they appear in bedtime stories.

With each adventure, Liam and Emma grow in confidence and bravery. They assume that they will escape from Dangerland if they can reach the Cliffs of Dire. But Dire. But Dire is a place where ‘some lives end and things may not be as they seem’.

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