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Finding Your Way

Elizabeth McKenna

Inspired by her deep spirituality and guided by her ever-present angels, Elizabeth McKenna has walked and cycled many Caminos, finding comfort and peace in them all.

In Finding Your Way, Elizabeth invites us to join her on her journeys, in particular on the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St James), as she winds her way through the stunning landscapes of France, Spain and Portugal. Her travels take her far from home but always closer to herself. Pursuing a truth she can believe in, and armed with her profound faith in God, she conquers the Caminos one by one, with the angels and saints by her side.

Filled with hope and courage, and written with disarming honesty, Finding Your Way explores the profoundly personal nature of faith and leads us to the conclusion that no matter how hard life becomes, there is always a soul who will come to help us. All we have to do is ask.

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