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Gist of Lives and Lies

HJ Curtin

The Irish parliament has become radical, raucous and rancorous, trawling, brawling and bawling to hide its failure to represent the people equally and fairly. It directs its energy toward character assassination and denigration of its predecessors in opposition, to the detriment of respect and toleration for the Irish people and the institutions of government. Despite the political elites and because of their abuse of the system, particularly by political parties, politics is changing, causing uncertainty and anxiety that could easily lead to radicalisation and chaos. Politicians should embrace that change and work comprehensively as a national movement to create and reform politics so that, as a regulated void is enshrined in law and practice between the judiciary and the Oireachtas, a similar void should be instituted and regulated between the Oireachtas and the political institutions within the state.

In Gist of Lives and Lies H. J. Curtin examines the historical events and political developments that have brought Ireland to this critical point of uncertainty. He explains why a paradigm shift is necessary and looks at the paths that could lead the country towards a more democratic and equitable future. Gist of Lives and Lies is essential reading for anyone concerned about the governance of Ireland and how it might be improved for all its people.

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