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Harp Maiden – Ladder of Charms – Book 3

Jackie Burke

The ogress is dead, but Evie’s troubles are far from over. Now she must stop the demon lord Volok from resurrecting his wife, the dreaded Queen Madruga.

But tragedy strikes at home, and disasters rock the entire town as Evie struggles to finish the six steps of the Ladder of Charms. She must persevere – no matter what the cost – and tap into the powerful magic that will allow her to destroy the demons forever.

As burning questions haunt her, Evie worries that the new magic will turn her into someone or something she doesn’t want to be. Will her friends abandon her if she reveals her darkest secrets? And what and where are the five talismans that Volok wants so badly?

Struggling to find all the answers she seeks, Evie feels torn apart by her secrets. Her quest is drawing to a dangerous close, but not before her father shares a startling secret of his own. In the end, Evie must choose her own path, whatever others may think, but it’s a choice she finds increasingly difficult to make.

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