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Harp Maiden – Web of Secrets – Book 2

Jackie Burke

After her dramatic escape from a burning Dower Hall, Evie is determined to find the magical Black Ruby and solve its mystery. But she struggles to come to terms with being the new Harp Maiden, and keeping her secret from the people she loves becomes more difficult every day.

When she goes in search of answers, Evie makes some shocking discoveries. An ancient sorceress is under a cruel curse, a demon queen yearns to return from the dead and reek destruction, and the ghosts of Dower Hall still linger in the woods. If Evie can find the Black Ruby and harness its power, perhaps she can rid the world of dangerous demons once and for all.

Evie risks being overwhelmed by the web of secrets she has woven around herself. Unsure who to trust, she is torn from the predictable life she once knew and tossed into a strange and troubling world of magic.

Author bio

Jackie grew up with her sister and three brothers in Dublin. An avid reader and writer since her early school days, she only recently began writing children’s stories, having dreamed of doing so for quite some time. Harp Maiden – Web of Secrets is the second book in Jackie’s second series for children, following the hugely popular Secrets of Grindlewood series.

The magical, mystery tale of the Harp Maiden was inspired by Jackie’s other great love, music. She is also greatly inspired by her love of nature, gardens, forests, wildlife and of course magic! Reading, hill walking, music and baking are just a few of her other many interests and hobbies. Jackie divides her time between writing and giving creative writing workshops to children in schools and libraries around the country. She lives with her husband in Bray, County Wicklow. They share their home with a big fluffy cat called Millie.

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