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Independent Ireland 1922–1992

Maurice Curtis

This latest book from historian and novelist, Maurice Curtis, is a social, personal and cultural celebratiion of Ireland in the twentieth-century. It is also an exploration of some of the key themes as seen though the lens and prism of music, song, dance and story. In the process, we will discover how nationality was projected and the state consolidated through aspects of its cultural hermitage. Music and literature are seen as central to the invention and shaping of the nation’s cultural identity, both past and present.

Some of the most important events include the shift from colonial status to Irish indepenence; censorship; the Emergency years; the economy, emigration, poverty and TB; the Troubles; feminism movement; the Lamass era and the Swinging Sixties; the Haughey/Fitzgerald era; the Catholic Church and the confessional state, as the campaigns to challenge Ireland’s consitutional provisions on marriage, family and life.

This is also a story of how independent Ireland impacted on the lifes of ordinary, everyday people. It is therefore an epic story of struggle and survival in a hidden Ireland.

Above all, this story of Ireland is laced through with many of the soundtracks of music and story that defined, reflected and influenced twentieth-century Irish life, heritag, culture and identity.

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