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Insights Into An Unsighted World

Robert Thompson

Often when we encounter people with disabilities in our daily lives, we are unsure of how to react appropriately, either to the individual or to their needs.

Robert Thompson has lived with very significant sight loss for many years and has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge on visual impairment and its impact. In Insights into an Unsighted World, Robert explores and explains many of the life challenges facing visually impaired people and offers practical guidance on how sighted people can most helpfully react and assist in a range of everyday situations.

Robert also shares a fascinating, revealing and deeply personal account of the process of losing his sight, the associated depression and the gradual acceptance and adjustment to living in an unsighted world.

The engaging mixture of personal experience and invaluable advice makes Insights into an Unsighted World essential reading not just for family or friends supporting those with sight loss but also for the broader population, so that we can all approach visually impaired people with sensitivity and awareness.

Insights into an Unsighted World shines a light on the daily challenges faced by people who are vision-impaired, providing useful tips and guidance to sighted people so that they know when and how to offer assistance. This kind of understanding helps our clients to lead better, more independent, mobile lives. Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind is delighted to support Robert as he joins us in our work to change lives.” Patrick Burke, Chairman, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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