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Dolores Lyons

Kelda is a true Viking girl and she loves adventure. Soon she and her family will leave Norway forever and sail to Ireland.
But nothing goes to plan, and the exciting Viking adventure quickly turns into a nightmare.

Kelda is desperately lonely in Ireland. Then one day her father brings Maeve home. Maeve is an Irish slave girl who has to help with the chores in the Viking household. Will she be the friend Kelda so badly needs? If only Maeve wasn’t missing her family so much. If only she didn’t keep talking about running away.

Together the girls plan Maeve’s escape. But, after a shocking betrayal and a dangerous sea journey, Kelda finds herself on the busy harbour in York in yet another strange country, this time completely alone.

What will become of her now? Will she ever see her loved ones again? And when the time comes, will brave Kelda be able to outwit the terrifying Queen Gunnhild of York in the most daring escape plan of all?

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