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Midlife Redefined

Alana Kirk

Do you ever wonder why you haven’t ‘arrived’ yet, welcome cocktail in hand, Insta read, with all your boxes ticked? Surely with all the effort you’re putting in, life should be easier?

There is no better time to be a woman in midlife. Because (apart from the fact that calorie-free wine hasn’t been invented yet) this is the most unique time in history to be a woman in terms of freedoms and opportunities.

Younger for longer, you have a whole new landscape to explore before old age.

But it can also be exhausting. ‘Having it all’ can feel a lot like just doing it all. Your to-do list has subsections and appendixes, and it’s easy to forget to put yourself in it.

Midlife is being redefined, but form your mid-thirties to late sixties, there are so many choices, changes and challenges, it can often feel overwhelming to also grapple with the opportunities and possibilities this extended midlife can offer.

In Midlife, Redefined, you’ll learn how to get a grip on where you are and plot the course you want to take, because midlife isn’t a destination, it’s an exploration. You’ll draw your map of this new landscape, and with coloured markers at the ready, you’ll write the signposts to take you on a midlife mission of your choosing, a midlife, redefined – better, bolder, brighter.

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