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Eoin McCabe

Open is for those who are tired of trying to be happy, of trying to succeed or change, and want to let go of old ways of thinking and being. From being cynical and living in his head, Eoin McCabe describes how he was broken open by life experiences such as a broken marriage, the loss of loved ones and feelings of isolation and depression, and forced to face his deepest fears and insecurities. Through this process he discovered simple truths about life, the power of the heart and the gift of self-awareness.

Open shows you how to:

  • let go of living from the head and experience peace in your life
  • deepen self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • uncover internal blocks and self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • apply simple strategies for building powerful relationships
  • discover your life lessons and live each moment from the heart

Open’s direct and clear approach makes it an easy and entertaining read. The practical tools in the book were developed over twenty years of working with groups and individuals and have helped transform the lives of hundreds of people.

Author bio

Eoin McCabe is an experienced coach and one of the first coach trainers in Ireland. He was a founding director of a highly successful coach training company, teaching hundreds of people about coaching and personal development. As an international speaker and coach he gives workshops, retreats and seminars, incorporating comedy and performance, in the areas of coaching, self-awareness and personal development. He holds a Master of Studies degree in education. His media appearances have included expert guest spots on ABC and other American network channels.

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