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Playing With Skulls

Maurice Curtis

Set in the Dublin suburb of Harold’s Cross, this is the gripping story of growing up in an iconic city as seen through the eyes of a young teenager.

The saga also recounts how he and his family courageously triumph over the trails, tragedies, troubles and tribulations that beset their lives. As he develops, his live becomes a tumultuous adventure, a voyage of discovery and survival. Set in the 1960s and 1970s, Mount Jerome Cemetery was his playground and skulls were his football.

In this fascinating saga we re-visit a long-gone world of places, people and characters. In this book the reader will encounter some of the legends of Dublin life, including Lugs Branigan, Frankie Byrne, Noel Purcell, Gay Byrne and Jimmy O’Dea. Here we meet famous characters such as Spud Murphy, Alfie Byrne, Dublin’s Invisible Prince, the imposter Fingal O’Flaherty, the Guinness family, Banjo Barney, the Little Drummer Boy and many more great music legends. Here we will go in search of the mysterious Mr Figgerty and his fig rolls, Robert Emmet’s missing head, Dublin’s ‘lucky stone’ and, of course, the ‘black stuff’.

This astounding story includes his many brushes with death! This is a book not only about the trials and tribulations of childhood and youth but also magic, mystery and mayhem that it entails. Moreover, this charming and fascinating memoir is laced with humour and laughter.

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