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Poison Sky

Paul McNeive

“Fast-paced, clever and chillingly believable, this is a thriller you won’t put down.”

Glenn Meade

“A masterful storyteller who never puts a foot wrong in this high-stakes-edge-of-your-seat novel. I can’t imagine I’ll read a better thriller this year.”

Paul Howard

Airplanes are mysteriously falling from the sky and a deadly toxin is spreading through the streets of the world’s major cities. New York, London and Munich are filled with panic, paranoia and terror. And nobody knows who’s behind it all.

Somewhere, a twisted genius is masterminding a global crisis.

New York detective John Wyse and maverick cop Deke Hansen face the biggest challenge of their lives in a race to out-think the cunning and dangerous terrorists who are bringing the world to its knees using medieval warfare tactics.

But the terrorists will stop at nothing to prevent Wyse unravelling their evil plot. As the bodies pile up, the threat suddenly gets very personal when the woman Wyse loves becomes a target.

With time running out, Wyse has to convince his bosses that a powerful psychopath is taking deadly revenge in the most bizarre and unpredictable way. Can he presuade the authorities to act, or will he have to take the law into his own hands?

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