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Providing for the Special Needs of Students with Gifts & Talents

Edited by Jennifer Riedl Cross, Ph.D., Colm O’Reilly, Ph.D. and Tracy L. Cross, Ph.D.
Providing for the special needs of students with gifts and talents

How do we help students with special gifts and talents to achieve their potential? The support of parents, educators, counsellors and the many others who fulfil the needs of gifted children is essential. But these professionals and lay people need effective tools to facilitate and empower talented students as they work towards their academic, social and emotional goals.

In this collection of new essays, international experts in gifted education share their insight and experience, covering topical issues such as:
• environmental influences that affect gifted children
• the provision of inclusive services at the local and national level
• networking for talented youth
• in- and out-of-school programmes
• working with very young advanced learners
• facilitating gifted students from low-income backgrounds
• supporting positive psychological growth and development
• motivating gifted students

Drawing on decades of academic research and professional experience, Providing for the Special Needs of Students with Gifts and Talents is essential reading for parents, educators and anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of children with great potential.

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