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Richard Harris – The Biography

Michael Feeney Callan

Richard Harris was as much renowned for his hellraising lifestyle as for his commanding performances. In this celebrated biography, written with Harris’ cooperation over ten years, Michael Feeney Callan explores the obsessions that drove Harris to succeed and then threatened to destroy him. He traces Harris’ life from privileged beginnings in Limerick, Ireland, through the illness that almost killed him as a teenager, to triumph on the London stage and, finally, life as a Hollywood star. Drawing on lengthy interviews with Harris and his friends, colleagues and family, Callan examines a career that included such legendary movies as This Sporting Life, Camelot and the Harry Potter series. Based on meticulous research and informed by intimate friendship, this is the definitive biography of Richard Harris.

“Thorough and entertaining” – Guardian

“Irresistible” – Mail on Sunday

“Meticulous” –  Kirkus Reviews

Author bio

Michael Feeney Callan, an award-winning short story writer and filmmaker, is also the author of Robert Redford: The Biography, the New York Times bestseller that was selected by The Sunday Times as one of its Books of the Year.

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