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Roots and Wings

Alex Koster M. Ed.

The experience of childhood has changed dramatically over the last decades. Children and teenagers are presented with many exciting opportunities, but they also face new challenges and are often asked to meet impossible standards set by their peers and promoted by advertising and the media. Roots and Wings equips parents and educators to teach children the skills they need to understand and navigate modern life with confidence. Topics covered include:

  • building and maintaining self-esteem in a materialistic and competitive society
  • dealing with new family structures and parenting styles
  • understanding the influence of social media and technology
  • recognising and tackling mental health issues
  • creating healthy parent-child relationships
  • encouraging and modelling kindness

For children to grow into compassionate, confident, happy adults, they must have role-models who demonstrate self-care and care for those around them. Roots and Wings draws on the principles of mindfulness that will help both you and your child achieve greater peace and belonging, both within your relationship and in a society that seems increasingly exclusive. Simple but effective strategies that employ techniques such as connecting with nature, teaching emotional intelligence and paying attention to what is present in and around us will provide you with a toolkit that you can easily tailor to your circumstances, either at home or in educational and childcare settings.

Roots and Wings is an invaluable resource for parents, teachers and everyone involved in caring for young people and interested in creating a happier, more balanced society.

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