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See You In Two Minutes, Ma

Linda Allen

“This is a gripping story that needs to be told and deserves to be heard. The urgency comes across very clearly, animating the book so that it rockets along. It shook me.”

– Paula Meehan

‘See you in two minutes, Ma!’ were the last words fifteen-year-old Darragh Sherry spoke to his mother, Linda, on the day before he took his own life. In this heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting book based on her journals, Linda takes us from shock and disbelief, through anguish and despair, to a tentative recovery as she attempts to make sense of the tragedy.

With the support and solidarity of family, friends and strangers, Linda begins to rebuild her life and look towards the future, while a series of remarkable coincidences convinces her that those who have left us may be closer than we think.

Linda talks about the impact of Darragh’s suicide on his teenage friends, who are left reeling in the wake of his fateful decision. As music brings them together to share their pain and cope with their grief, Linda comes to understand that the innate sensitivity of youth must be protected and cultivated.

With the country in the grip of a suicide epidemic, particularly among teenage boys, See You in Two Minutes, Ma is a timely and moving story of a mother who finds strength and hope in the face of this most personal of tragedies. 

“A powerful and moving testimony to an unbearable grief”

– Paula Meehan

Author bio

Linda Allen is a therapist who works with individuals and groups in the areas of intuitive counselling, stress resilience training, reiki and cellular healing. She lives in County Kildare with her partner, Derek.

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