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Songs and Portobellos II

M.A. McCormack

You and I have often spoken of Hamlet, and as I write this, I come to mind of what Polonius said to Laertes, (God how I hated that speech – Neither a borrower nor a lender be, and all the rest of that crap). But like Shakespeare always seems to do, and just when you doubt his genius, he adds, ‘But above all this to thine own self be true. – John the Writer.

Jack suddenly said, “Don Quixote”.
“I love him because he was truly heroic – but if I am really honest, I love him because he was a mad Spanish bastard.” – Jack Doyle

“We speak of freedom in righteous tones, the horrors of war we turn to glorious triumph, you have become our dreamlike soul.” – Liam O’Dea, 1922

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