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Songs and Portobellos III

M.A. McCormack

“I’m sorry to speak so bitter, but if there ever a divil in the form of a man it was the Welshman, Lloyd George. For them that knows, or them that wants to know, he will be remembered for the black divil that he has.”

– Old man in Mizen

“That maybe is the simplest thing of all. Sometimes when you correct a wrong, it doesn’t just change the thing that you wanted to, but inadvertently you sometimes create a new and alternative wrong.”

– Chris, the Beat Poet

“We’re hurtling through time and space until we will reach the point where the universe stops expending and it will contract back into a piece of matter no bigger then an orange ad it will explode and we will do all of this over and over again. It’s like the universe is breathing man.”

– Hippie in Washington Square

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