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Spaceships in the Night

Oisín Blennerhassett

All Bernard wanted to do was listen to his dad’s collection of old disco records. He really didn’t mean to discover a portal to the magical musical city of Discopia. And he definitely didn’t mean to travel through the portal and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Bernard teams up with disco-dancing legend Levander, who just happens to be a stylish skeleton. Levander introduces Bernard to a cast of crazy characters and takes him to all the freaky places that make Discopia the funkiest city ever.

But the dazzling dancefloors soon turn dark and dangerous as priates invade the city to steal its precious disco music. Now it’s up to Bernard and his new friends to save Discopia from destruction at the hands of pirates who can’t even dance. The brave comrades have to stop from falling silent and keep the mirrorballs spinning, but it’s a desparate race against the clock, and the pirates have a deadly secret weapon.

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