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The Birdcage Papers

Peter O’Neill

Meet Budgie, Mouse and Dog – three unlikely friends who go on three very exciting adventures, along with their ragtag crew of animal buddies.

First, there’s a dark threat in the garden terrifying everyone who lives there. The gang has to figure out what it is before a crime is pinned on Cat and she’s forced to flee for her life.

Then a spooky one-eyed rat threatens to put an end to Mouse with the help of his puppy sidekick. Can the gang evade his sinister powers and give Pup a chance to redeem himself?

Finally, the friends move to a farm in the countryside but find themselves in trouble when a massive flood leaves some helpless lambs stranded and scared. It’s up to the gang and their new friend Horse to come to the lambs’ rescue and prove how clever and brave they can be.

Join the ragtag team on their adventures as they discover how teamwork, cooperation and friendship can help them overcome any challenge.

Suitable for readers aged 8+

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