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The Coup and Other Stories

Brendan Flood

In this sparkling new collection of memoir and short fiction, Brendan Flood reveals himself to be a man of many passions as well as a true storyteller.

The Coup and Other Stories takes us on an extraordinary journey though time and space with entertaining, quirky and fascinating accounts of growing up in 1930s Ireland, and living and working in settings as diverse as Granard and Dalkey, California and South Africa. The tales are remarkable, intriguing and brimming with opinion, always informed by Brendan’s endless curiosity as well as his uncanny ability to see the epic in the everyday.

But it is the characters who are the real stars of this collection. Whether they are concocting madcap schemes at the racetrack, sitting out the Emergency in a small country town or desperately trying to regain a lost love, each character is drawn with sensitivity and resonates with truth and humanity.

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