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The Girl with The Treasure Chest

V A Fearon

Dani Fenton thought her life was sorted. But when her private and professional lives collide, she is forced to walk a dangerous line and risk everything for love.

At home Dani has a loving partner with a young child who adores her. At work she is a powerful broker in London’s vicious gangland, where she uses her influence to negotiate deals between rival gangs at underground “meets”. Her intuition has never failed her and her charisma has attracted a loyal band of “soldiers” who would go to any lengths to please her.

Life is good until Susanna returns. Enigmatic, sexual, hot-tempered and fragile, Susanna is irresistible to Dani, who soon finds herself in a spiral of obsession and violence that threatens to devastate every aspect of her life.

Dani must choose between the love she has and the love she wants, and she knows the wrong decision could prove fatal.


Author bio

Veronica Fearon was born in the east end of London in 1965 to Jamaican immigrant parents. Despite associations with the criminal underworld and a number of close shaves with the law she came through her teenage years relatively unscathed. She returned to education as an adult and worked as a criminal lawyer for twenty years before studying for a psychology degree at East London University. She now lives in South London with her long term civil partner and writes full time.

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