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The Ministry of Dreams

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy’s poetry is an engaging and disarming expression of his distilled truth. At once accessible and profound, his poems speak to our experience of trying to make the best of modern life, while at the same time acknowledging the obstacles it throws in our path.

In The Ministry of Dreams, Michael explores diverse themes around birth, death, sex, politics, religion and our struggle with language, always returning to his steadfast belief in the power of love. These deeply resonant and heartfelt poems reveal his love for his partner, for friends, for relatives who have died, for Spain and for his chocolate Labrador, Toga. Love permeates this collection, moving the heart with its depth and warmth and appealing to the mind with its wisdom and forgiveness of human nature.

The Ministry of Dreams gathers Michael Murphy’s previous poetry – originally published as The Republic of Love (2013) and A Chaplet of Roses (2015) – and presents them in one volume for the first time, alongside these vibrant and important new poems.

Author bio

Michael Murphy is a practising psychoanalyst based in Sandyford, in Dublin. He spent many years as an award-winning newscaster and television producer/director with RTÉ and is also well known for his psychoanalytic residency on The Today Show. His literary memoir, At Five in the Afternoon: My Battle with Male Cancer, was published in 2009 and became a number-one bestseller. A popular sequel, The House of Pure Being, was published in 2013.

Michael’s first poetry collection, The Republic of Love, was also published in 2013 and reached the top-ten bestseller list. A second collection, entitled A Chaplet of Roses, followed in 2016. An analysis of contemporary Irish dreams, called Michael Murphy’s Book of Dreams, was released in 2017. The Irish Independent has described Michael as “an author of importance”.

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