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The Ninth Precept

Proinsias MacDomhnaill and Seán Ó Laoire

Clive Osbourne is an unusual young man. Athletic and daring but with a cruel streak, to his widowed mother he is a lovable rogue, to others he’s just a rogue. After demonstrating his ruthlessness as a young British Army intelligence officer in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, he leverages his army career to secure a position with MI6.

Emboldened by his protected position, Osbourne allows his personal and professional lives to intertwine on assignments in Belgium, Singapore, and Australia, where his disregard for the lives of others becomes increasingly apparent, causing embarrassment to Her Majesty’s Government and running afoul of the CIA.

On his return to the UK, Clive is assigned his most dangerous mission yet, working as a back-channel between the government and terrorist organizations. When things begin to unravel, Clive devises an ambitious and complicated plan to disappear before his enemies catch up with him.

But Clive’s vicious past is returning to haunt him, and the list of people who want him dead is soberingly long. Will he be discovered and meet with a sticky end, or is it just possible that remorse might save his life?

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