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The Old House

Theresa Cahill

When Nora Croake unexpectedly inherits an old house and €1 million from her Uncle Richard, she is surprised, to say the least. She dreams of returning the dilapidated, rambling old building to its former glory, and with the help of her friends Anita and Pat sets about creating her dream home.

But Nora’s inheritance has brought old resentments to the fore, and her brother Billy is jealous of her new home and the small fortune she’s come into. And there’s something strange about the house, too. Nora feels as though she’s never quite alone there, and she wonders if the presence in house is out to do good or evil. When she’s visited by a child, she can’t be sure if her mind is playing tricks on her or if the child has come to give her a message.

In the basement Nora finds a perfectly preserved antique wedding dress. As she goes in search of its owner, she begins wonder if the dress holds the key to the mystery of the old house.

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