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The Seagull Who Won The Lotto

Julia Ní Cheallaigh

Iarla is a young seagull from the Blasket Islands, off the Atlantic coast of West Kerry. After he finds a winning Lotto ticket blowing in the wind, he is determined to return it to its owner.

Iarla’s search takes him on a fantastic adventure all around the Dingle Peninsula. He meets two cats, Scruffy and Houdini, and two kind grannies who feed him rhubarb tart crusts. He befriends a seagull gang leader called Mike the Claws and he even gets to taste strawberry ice cream for the first time.

Join Iarla as he sees the beautiful sights of Kerry and meets its weird and wonderful characters. Will he ever find the lucky owner of the winning Lotto ticket? Let’s find out together! One thing is for sure – Iarla will have a great story to tell when he gets home to the Blaskets.

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