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The Thirsty Stranger

V.A. Fearon

Dani Fenton is back. She’s fresh out of prison with a new attitude, and she finally got the girl of her dreams. No it’s time for Dani to get back to doing what she does best – ending disputes between London’s gangs before they spiral out of control.

While Dani was inside, the London underground has descended further into chaos. There are ambitious new faces, simmering conflicts and divided loyalties. But Dani may no longer command the respect she once did. As the gang violence escalates, Dani’s enemies are plotting against her, and her friends have had just about enough.

Can Dani repair her friendships without sacrificing the woman she loves? Can she simply step back into London’s underground and work with vicious criminals who would rather see her dead? As the situation threatens to explode, Dani must negotiate a dangerous maze of betrayal that could lead her right into the enemies’ hands.

This time there’s no room for mistakes.

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