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The Truth Finds A Way

Margaret St. Leger

Eighteen-year-old Maria Kendall leaves Dublin to make her way in 1960s London as a student nurse. Innocent and naïve but eager to discover a world beyond Ireland, she quickly settles into her new life and begins a romance with a promising young doctor.

But Maria is confronted at every turn by Miss Higgins, the night superintendent who seems determined to make life hell for the student nurse. Bullied, picked on and far from home, Maria begins to question her choices, until a near-death encounter upends both women’s lives and leaves them struggling to make sense of their relationship.

Maria returns to Ireland in search of answers. As she pulls at the thread of a dark family secret, the truth about the past is revealed for the first time, and Maria is forced to face up to who she really is.

The Truth Finds a Way is at once both charming and challenging as it explores how more innocent times often hid secrets that had the power to change everything.

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