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Daphne Matthews Whelan

All of us are on a journey that takes us down many roads. Sometimes we take a wrong turn or get stuck in a place we don’t want to be.

In Unbroken, Daphne Matthews Whelan guides us back to our true path. She shows us how to live from our heart space, trust in the Universe and find the confidence to make the right choices. Drawing on her years of experience as a life coach, mother and eternal optimist, Daphne shares her secrets to living a happier, healthier life that feeds your soul and creates energy, love and inner strength.

Join Daphne on a journey that will help you to discover how to:

  • Find the sacred place within yourself
  • Become truly aware of your emotions and express them productively
  • Stop blaming others and own your problems
  • Believe in yourself and become your own hero
  • Live as your true self with pride

Unbroken is essential reading for anyone on the journey to being the best they can be.

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