Independent Publishing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I self-publish?

Self-publishing with Kazoo gives your book a fast route to market. You retain all your rights and get the highest possible payment (royalty) per book, as there are no publisher overheads. By choosing Kazoo you ensure that your book will be produced to the highest industry standards and that it will compete with books published by traditional publishers. It will be produced by experts with more than 50 years’ industry experience.

How long will my books take to arrive?

It takes approximately eight weeks from signature of the Author Agreement to the delivery of your books.

Additional print orders usually take approximately three weeks from order to delivery.

Please note that Kazoo uses several third parties for printing, shipping etc. and delays incurred by these suppliers are out of our control. However, all our suppliers have been chosen for their professionalism and reliability and delays are rare.

How do I pay?

You can pay by electronic transfer or cheque. All cheques should be made payable to Kazoo Independent Publishing Services. Payment is divided into three instalments – the first on signature of the Author Agreement, the second on completion of design work, and the third before your book goes to print. Work will commence as soon as the first payment has cleared.

Why do I need to sign the Author Agreement?

The Author Agreement explains exactly what our service entails, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. It is not a rights agreement, and you always retain all rights to your book; we provide publishing services only. It is important that you are aware of deadlines so that your books are delivered when you expect them to be. We want you to be comfortable with what we offer and to understand your rights.

How much will the delivery charge be?

Delivery to one address is included.

How many books will arrive?

Kazoo standard publishing packages are for of 100 paperback or 100 hardback copies. Many authors require additional copies, and we quote for these at the outset so there is a clear price with no hidden additional costs.

Can I order extra copies?

If you have a successful launch, are supplying a local bookshop or a distributor, you may require more copies of your book than you expected. We are delighted to supply additional copies at any stage. Reprint costs vary depending on the size and specification of your book.

What size will my printed book be?

Our most popular trim sizes are known as B format paperbacks (198 mm x 128 mm) and trade paperbacks (234 mm x 156 mm). These sizes are also available as hardbacks, and we can produce many other sizes if you would like something different.

Why should I choose B format or trade paperback?

These are the standard book-trade trim sizes that fit on all bookshop shelves. Some booksellers are reluctant to stock books in large or odd formats.

What kind of paper will it be printed on?

For standard paperbacks and hardbacks, we use top-quality 80 gsm cream bookwove paper. Cream paper is optimal as it minimises glare. Standard covers are 240 gsm cover board with a gloss laminate finish. We also offer a range of other papers that are suitable for reproducing artwork and photographs, as well as coloured endpapers and dust jackets.

What will the layout of my book look like?

It depends on the subject and content. Our designer will work with you to create a bespoke design that works for your book. You will receive three options and can choose one of these or combine elements (such as typeface, chapter headings, running headers, etc.) from each of them.

Can I include photos or artwork?

Absolutely! We print on a variety of different papers and can produce everything from paperbacks with photo sections to coffee-table books and cookbooks.

What is an ISBN?

The ISBN (international standard book number) is an identifying number that is assigned to each edition of a book. It is used by bookshops, libraries and online stockists to catalogue and identify your book. Your book will be assigned three ISBNs: one for the paperback/hardback, one for the print-on-demand edition and one for the ebook edition.

What is an ePub editions?

Your book will be converted into an ebook as part of the standard package. The file format for all ebooks is ePub. This file will work on Amazon and all other eRetailer sites.

What should the recommended retail price be for my eBook and my printed book?

Pricing is completely up to you. We can give you guidance on industry norms and you should research the price of competing books in your category.

Please note that Amazon applies sales tax to eBooks and this tax varies depending on where the purchaser lives in the world – your book will therefore appear to retail at different prices in different territories.

How will I deal with Amazon?

As part of the Kazoo service an Amazon vendor’s account will be set up for you. Kazoo will upload your Kindle and print-on-demand editions to Amazon, and you will then be responsible for maintaining the account through Amazon’s online portal. You will be paid directly by Amazon into your bank account.

There are two rates of royalties paid by Amazon, depending on the price of your book and where it is sold. Books priced at $1.99–9.99 receive up to 70% of the retail price; books priced at 0.01c-1.98c and at over $10 receive 35% of the retail price. For full details of territories in which the 70% royalty rate is available click here

How much can I expect to earn and when do I get paid?

How much you earn depends entirely on your sales and on how well you promote your book. Amazon will pay any royalties due directly to you each month as per their terms and conditions.

How will I know how many books I have sold through Amazon?

You can view live sales reports when you log in to your Amazon account.

How do I sell my printed book?

Gardners is the largest book wholesaler in the UK. Argosy Books is the main Irish wholesaler. You can also sell your book directly to your local bookshop. All booksellers will expect to receive a discount of between 40% and 60% off the cover price. They will usually only buy stock on a sale-or-return basis. You will need to look after all sales, invoicing, delivery and returns yourself.

Can Kazoo organise for my books to be delivered to bookshops?

Kazoo does not organise local distribution of print books. We ensure that your print book will be available for sale worldwide through Amazon. However, many of our clients succeed in getting their book stocked in bookshops. To achieve this, you will need to approach bookshops and wholesalers yourself.