Independent Publishing Services

Industry Standards

Why we do it the way we do

Kazoo packages are based on industry standards to ensure that your book can compete on the bookshelf with traditionally published books.

Printed book size

The two most commercial sizes are B format (198 mm x 128 mm) and trade paperback (234 mm x 156 mm), both of which are also available as hardbacks.

We quote for each book individually, taking into account the length (word count) and your particular requirements.

We can also quote for larger paperback sizes and picture books.

Paper and cover quality

All books are printed in black on cream paper unless you require white paper.

We use high-quality paper and our covers are durable and long-lasting.

Paper weight: 80 gsm offset (cream).

Cover weight: 240 gsm standard cover board with a gloss laminate finish.

Digital publishing formats

The ePub format is used by all eBook retailers since Amazon abandoned the mobi format in 2021.

Cover design

We have a highly skilled and experienced book-cover design team. To enable them to do a great job we ask you to complete a full brief for your cover. We want your cover to compete successfully within its genre. Our designers will work with you to achieve this, suggesting stock imagery and fonts that will give your book the best possible advantage in the market.